A key feature of our firm is the ability to know and work personally with our clients. We will always keep your individual needs at the forefront of our service to you. We are sensitive to the emotional stresses of dealing with financial and business affairs, including those resulting from the loss of a loved one. Our goal is to expertly represent you and protect your interests at the least personal and financial expense.

Our attorneys are highly experienced in the intricacies of trusts and estates. We work diligently to plan and manage your estate in order to reduce your exposure to gift, estate, and inheritance taxes, within the limits of the law. We do the same with businesses, ensuring that your ideas and hard work benefit your family and loved ones during your lifetime and after.

Planning your estate should only be entrusted to the most highly qualified professionals. At the Rothman Law Group, we have the experience and skills to assist you in preparing for the future. Only after carefully listening to your needs will we design a plan specifically tailored for you. We will work closely with your accountant, insurance agent, and investment advisor to assure a smooth transition in the event of disability or death, minimizing taxes and other expenses. Our planning is often multigenerational to provide tax benefits and creditor protection for your beneficiaries, which might otherwise not be attainable.

Many crucial issues face individuals starting and operating a business. The Rothman Law Group will consult with you in selecting the right choice of business entity, recommending tax saving strategies, protecting personal assets from creditors, and assisting with efficient succession planning.

Any transaction, whether it is estate planning, business, or otherwise, will involve tax consequences. The complexity of the federal and state tax laws and their potential impact on a transaction require the involvement of a professional comfortable working within the statutes to minimize these consequences. The Rothman Law Group understands the intricacies of the federal and state tax laws and has numerous tax saving strategies at its disposal. Our attorneys also understand, however, that not every strategy applies to every situation. We realize the importance of accomplishing the client’s objectives and not allowing the tax strategy to override the client’s primary goals. Our attorneys will work with you to customize a strategy which will accomplish your objectives in the most tax efficient way possible.

The Rothman Law Group assists clients and their families with trust and estate administration. We prepare estate and gift tax returns, estate and trust accountings, and other necessary documents quickly and cost effectively in order to save time, money, and the emotional burden of an extended settlement.

An increasingly litigious society has made developing a strategy to protect your assets from potential creditors more important than ever. We can advise you of techniques for arranging your affairs to avoid claims that might be made against you during your lifetime, against your estate following your death, or against those you wish to benefit after your death.

We represent fiduciaries and beneficiaries in probate court and chancery court with respect to a wide spectrum of litigated issues involving estates and trusts.  We seek to resolve these often contentious and difficult matters expeditiously while keeping in mind the dignity of the parties involved.

It is important to provide opportunities for others to better our country and our world. In the course of doing so, there are tax and other benefits that can be provided to the donor and the charitable and non-charitable beneficiaries through thoughtful planning. The Rothman Law Group has many years of experience in advising our clients to ‘do well while doing good’.